We help nurses

help the world

We put learning materials into the hands of nurse educators and students so that nurses in developing countries can obtain the education they need to bring advanced care to their communities. And we don’t charge a penny for our Open Access Curriculum.

Nurse Educators – We’re here to help.

We bring students & educators


We didn’t invent distance learning, but we’re making it available where it’s needed most so that students and educators have the support they need. And,  we help educators adapt the learning materials to meet local needs through our free consulting service.

We help nursing programs

in developing nations

We work with strategic partners to enhance existing nursing programs at schools and universities around the world. We help these programs deliver a complete curriculum to give graduates the necessary tools, knowledge, and relationships to operate nurse-led clinics, act as primary healthcare providers, and lead holistic and positive change in the communities they call home.

We help nurses become

community health leaders

Beyond a typical nursing program, the curriculum that we’re creating exposes students to practical instruction in community development. Through classroom instruction and internships, nurses will develop the understanding, the ability, and the networks to improve the health of their communities by addressing basic healthcare needs in practical and sustainable ways.

We’re non-profit which means we count on the support and the involvement of people like you.

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