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Nurses International has made major strides in the past few months, particularly with fundraising efforts toward our pilot project in the Republic of Burundi. Here are some updates on our progress.

In March, we began raising funds for the formation of our nursing program in Burundi (GLISN – Burundi), with the mission to skillfully train nurses to set forth in their communities and center Christ at the core of their patient-provider relationships, despite physical challenges. The following is a breakdown of program-related fees:

Item Cost
Stethoscope & blood pressure cuff $35
Textbook $25
Lab coat $25
Transportation to clinical site (1 week) $15
Dell laptop $250
Housing (1 month) $150
Shipping to Burundi (container of supplies for nursing skills lab & textbooks) $20,000

We encourage you to donate, as each and every monthly contribution aids Burundi’s nursing students, their families, and their rural community: We also welcome your positive thoughts and prayers.

Moreover, we released a t-shirt with a newly designed logo: Through your donations toward our organization’s shirts, we were able to raise $550 in 21 days!

Our nursing students will have access to peer reviewed online journals through PTI’s partnership with Research4Life. You can learn more about their program here:

Potential students for GLISN-Burundi

In June, we received a $500 donation of promotional materials from 4imprint and the One by One donation program! At the beginning of July, we were pleased to welcome three new faculty members to our team.

“With our nursing faculty almost complete, we are able to continue to move toward implementing our Curriculum and Technology Pilot. We have three active nursing programs who have expressed interest in using our content. Thorough testing of our curriculum and technology will allow us to focus on relationship building when we move into our Program and Community Development Pilot. This will allow us to be even more prepared when we are able to continue work with PTI in Burundi.”

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Nurses International President, Miriam Chickering:

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

-John 15:12

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