Nurses International in Burundi: Maureen’s Recent Mission Trip

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Toward the end of March, our liaison Maureen Lee traveled to Burundi with the objective to help interview twenty prospective students for our pilot project, Great Lakes International School of Nursing – Burundi (GLISN – Burundi). Her journey spanned 48 hours and several connecting flights. One of the biggest things that stood out to Maureen on this trip was the cultural warmth of her Burundian friends which provided such a stark contrast to the country’s ongoing political turmoil.

With referrals from local pastors and communication assistance from Partners Trust International’s Dr. Isaac Mbabazi, Nurses International began to identify students who can ultimately become skilled healthcare providers, leaders and change agents in their communities. Students will receive education in healthcare, Biblical studies (through PTI), and community development. In interviewing prospective students, Maureen posed a critical question: When you go back to your villages/communities, what can you do for others? Maureen also worked closely with the organization Hope4Burundi, which provides sewing classes for Burundi’s widows and orphans.

Prospective GLISN–Burundi students

Maureen & Home Care-Burundi’s “Mama Peace”
In the second week of April, Maureen returned to the U.S. Despite facing challenges arising from Burundi’s political climate, the students are hopeful that the project will begin soon. Maureen mentions it is encouraging to witness their persistence and continuous efforts.
Maureen identifies preaching and healing as the themes of her latest trip, as well as previous mission trips. As Luke 10:25-37 tells the parable of the Good Samaritan and Acts 3 exemplifies Apostle Peter’s mission to heal, Maureen ultimately sets out to share the Gospel while meeting the needs of the less fortunate with her nursing expertise.

Thank you, Maureen!

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