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Nurses International is making great strides in international nursing relief and striving to bridge the gap that often leads to health care disparities. Developing regions, such as the African Republic of Burundi, have limited capacity and means to educational development.

The need for nursing educators worldwide is continuously growing, and Nurses International is transforming the way nursing educators deliver curriculum around the world. By creating nursing curriculum and educational tools for nursing programs in the developing world, they are training more nursing professionals to set forth and provide skilled assistance and spiritual inspiration to the ill, such as with their pilot project in Burundi.
Technician viewing slides at a Nurse Led Rural Clinic in Burundi

The organization is rooted in faith and centers Christ at the core of its international efforts. They ultimately communicate the message of hope, redemption, and compassion through a network of healthcare professionals who work toward transformational community development.

A friend met near the building site for the hospital
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