Nursing students are about to get even more access to resources

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An innovative learning management system and an artificial intelligence tutor created by VersityU are shattering barriers worldwide.

At Nurses International, we’re committed to helping nurses obtain the education, the resources, and the opportunities to become change-agents in their own communities. That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership with VersityU.

One of the great challenges faced by nursing students in developing countries is having access to world-class support. To overcome this barrier, VersityU has created an artificial intelligence (AI) tutor that will be there whenever a student needs support almost anywhere in the world.

The VersityU tutor can run on low bandwidth and can be used from a phone, tablet, laptop, or pc. Access is granted to students through their programs when the program partners with Nurses International. It’s a remarkably advanced resource and thanks to the support of donors, it’s being provided to students at no cost.

To test the value of the Open Access Project, three courses (Med Surg I, II, and II) have been offered over the last few weeks from Nurse International’s website. The courses have been downloaded for use in more than 20 countries and counting!

It’s time to DO. Together we can improve the health of the world one nurse, one person, and one community at a time!

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