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In this week’s Faculty Feature, Nurses International welcomes Professor Keating. Professor Keating will be supervising four core nursing courses to ensure continuity throughout the program. Intro to Professional Nursing Fundamentals of Nursing Med/Surg I Med/Surg II Stacen Keating, PHD, RN is a nurse and academician. Her training and education took place on the east coast of the United States in New York, Boston, and Pennsylvania. Professor Keating has teaching and research experience across a variety of areas. She has taught in undergraduate and graduate programs and has focused on a primarily adult population including frail older adults with multiple comorbid conditions. Early clinical work focused on adults with cancer, chronic medical disease, and HIV. Courses she has taught includes community health, health assessment, medical surgical nursing, fundamentals of nursing, research and evidenced-based practice among others. She currently is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the New York University College of Nursing (NYUCN). Professor Keating is interested in the health of communities and individuals. She currently works in an underserved area of New York City visiting clients who have significant health problems by training students to address the health, wellness and educational needs of vulnerable populations. She is also involved in a grass roots community health effort to engage people with chronic illness and food-related illness to learn healthy ways of eating and preparing food to improve overall health and mood. Professor Keating is engaged in studying educational models of training for nurses. She has conducted a review of the literature surrounding dedicated education units and also is involved in simulation technology experiences to train nurses to care for individuals with varying acute and chronic illnesses. Professor Keating brings over 20 years of nursing and teaching experience to Nurses International to help train future nurses in poorly served and impoverished areas around the world. Nurses International is thankful for Professor Keating’s contributions to the curriculum and especially for her desire to honor God with her work and pursue His calling on her life. She has already made a difference for the Kingdom, and the Board of Directors and the Nurses Council looks forward to continued collaboration.

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