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Virtual EDU is a Healthcare Education organization with a mission to replicate experience using innovative solutions such as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Our focus is on Registered Nurses to provide the education experience they deserve.
Virtual EDU is a Virtual Reality (VR) Nursing education company that serves higher education institutions and healthcare systems. Virtual EDU is founded by a Registered Nurse educator who has direct experience within the current training disparities for the nursing profession.
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Virtual EDU and Nurses International are partners!

Click the link below to schedule a free demo with Virtual EDU. Any purchases will help support Nurses International.

The Virtual EDU mission is to improve patient outcomes through improved training opportunities in a safe educational environment. Virtual EDU believes nursing deserves better. The mission is additionally driven to reduce nursing burnout by improving the workforce in numbers and improving preparedness. Virtual EDU is able to solve these disparities by providing mobile VR education solutions for the use of nursing students and instructors.

Why Virtual Reality Simulations?

a) Surpass physical space and instructor availability constraints.
b) Cheaper than traditional lab expansion and maintenance
c) Surpass barriers to learn due to patient safety concerns.
d) Interact with AI patients and meet realistic communication needs during simulations.
e) Lower performance anxiety and improve clinical decision making.
f) Promote dynamic RN roleplay while in school.
g) Allow hands-on experience with on-demand repetition for learning retention.

Application Features

a) Mobile, On-Demand Access

i) Perform simulations at anytime and anyplace with wifi connection.

ii) Instructors have additional dashboard access on PC and mobile phone application.

b) Automated Grading System

i) No instructor attention needed to grade students on their performance.

ii) Automatically graded rubric sent to instructor once student submits their simulation.

iii) Immediate student feedback using our video playback functions.

iv) Detailed performance analytics available to review for instructors.

c) VR Classroom

i) Multiplayer mode where students and instructors can meet virtually in a hospital room with a live AI patient.

ii) Instructor can precept, demonstrate, or play the role as the patient live with their students from virtual locations.

iii) Pre-Record simulations or live demonstrations during lectures.

Simulation Features

a) AI Patients

i)Dynamic Communication and Deep Dialogue. No question limitations.

b) Artificial Patho

i) Hundreds of simulation endings dependent on student performance.

ii) Allows user to see their mistakes and patient outcomes. c) Voice Commands

i) No typing or clicking required to communicate. Simply talk.

ii) Patients follow all commands and answer all questions that are pertinent to the case.

d) Interactive Skills

i) Simulations include bedside skills practice

(1) Vital Signs, Foley Catheter insertion, IV insertion, etc.

Virtual EDU is a Healthcare Education organization with a mission to replicate experience using innovative solutions such as

Virtual Reality  Artificial Intelligence.