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Clinical Competency
Framework - Standardized
Nurse Competence Development

We are delighted to share with you a new chapter written by the Director of the Clinical Alliance of NI, Dr. Susan Boyer, and CEO of NI, Mrs. Miriam Chickering. The Chapter, “Perspective Chapter: Clinical Competency Framework – Standardized Nurse Competence Development” is published in Intech Open, and available here for easy download.


What is this chapter about?

In this 22-page chapter, Boyer and Chickering outline the Clinical Competency Framework (CCF) established by a regional nurse leadership group. This framework introduces a comprehensive and structured approach to nurse competence development, integrating evidence-based preceptor support systems, standardizing tools, and offering shared ownership for program dissemination. The framework addresses all levels of nurse hires with a universal set of competencies.

The CCF is built on prominent nursing theories and adopts a preceptorship model, emphasizing the importance of preceptor development in cultivating critical thinking and reasoning skills among new hires. The framework, adaptable and applicable across various care settings, also addresses competency validation concerns in diverse healthcare environments.

The chapter highlights that the success of the CCF is not measured solely by research validity and reliability analysis, but also by its capacity to provide safe, effective care as per agency protocols, and the acceptance of its contents and processes by regulatory surveyors. The tools and model of this framework are shared among allied healthcare partners and educators, embodying a ‘share and share back’ spirit.


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"The CCF is the only competency framework that integrates evidence-based preceptor development/ support systems, standardizes competency and clinical coaching tools, addresses all levels of nurse hires with a universal set of competency expectations, and offers a shared ownership model for program dissemination."