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Empowering Healthcare Education: Collaboration with Bangladesh
Health Project

At Nurses International, we are proud to have collaborated with esteemed educators at the Bangladesh Health Project to make open education resources available to nurses and nurse educators globally.

Since 2003, volunteers from the Bangladesh Health Project have tirelessly dedicated themselves to advancing healthcare education in Bangladesh. Initially, they joined forces with Dhaka’s International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) to establish a nursing school. Over time, this collaboration expanded to encompass broader educational initiatives such as the administrative resources Dr. Karen Lund and Alex Berland developed. These valuable resources, available for free download, have empowered novice nurse educators worldwide, perfectly aligning with our mutual commitment to accessible, high-quality healthcare education. 


This collaboration signifies the ongoing efforts of The Bangladesh Health Project, IUBAT College of Nursing, and Nurses International, reflecting their dedication to advancing healthcare education.

A Curriculum Designed for Success

This curriculum is tailored to bridge common gaps in foundational skills and problem-solving, ensuring that healthcare professionals receive comprehensive training regardless of their geographic location or resources available. From essential content to critical thinking exercises, every aspect of the curriculum is designed to empower both students and educators.


We believe in the power of open-access education. That is why all materials developed through this collaboration are freely available for download under the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC 4.0. Whether you are a student eager to enhance your skills or an educator seeking innovative teaching resources, our curriculum is accessible to all.


Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of courses, including classroom lectures, instructor references, assignments, and assessment items, predominantly in PowerPoint format. Additionally, MS Word and Excel documents are provided for seamless integration into various learning environments. With everything conveniently accessible online, learning and teaching have never been more accessible.

If you have policies, procedures, or handbooks to contribute, we welcome your submissions at Together, we can support nursing program development around the world.

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