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The Clinical Alliance is a membership cohort established to ensure collaboration, sharing, ongoing development, and evaluation of the Clinical Transition Framework (CTF).  The CTF model was established over two decades of multi-agency resource development, implementation, and research by VT Nurses in Partnership which is now known as The NI Clinical Alliance.  Nurses International manages current resource development and distribution to safeguard ongoing updates, research and synergy with NI BSN online course curriculum.

VNIP created the Clinical Transition Framework (CTF) as a statewide standardized orientation and clinical competency development and validation process for on-boarding students and new staff members.

The CTF is a patient safety initiative delivered within a workplace culture of nurture and support. The framework includes resources, forms, instructional materials and process for competency development and validation for direct care providers in the clinical setting.

Resources include specialty specific tools for competency development and validation of capability. The CTF addresses competency assessment and validation for acute, chronic, clinic and home care settings.

The NI Clinical Alliance takes a ‘share and share back’ approach to nurse professional development, thus our pool of resources experiences ongoing growth and updates.


The Clinical Alliance ensures

Collaboration Sharing Ongoing Development