Grace Tazelaar RN, MSN: Medical-Surgical Nursing II

Medical-Surgical Nursing II has been dedicated to Grace Tazelaar RN, MSN by Sharon A. Falkenheimer, MD, MA (Bioethics), MPH, PhD

Grace, thank you for your extraordinary service and devotion on behalf of vulnerable people around the world.

Grace Tazelaar serves as the volunteer NCF Missions Director and as an advisory board member at Nurses International. Grace has played a pivotal role in the development of Nurses International with her personal mentorship of NI’s founder and her group mentorship of the NI faculty.

Grace shares, “I encourage nurses and nursing students to demonstrate God’s love for the poor and underserved through nursing in the United States and abroad. My passion is helping the Church to include the concept of health, defined as shalom, as integral to the gospel message and to include healthcare missions as part of their ministry.”

Grace with her colleague Bishop Zac Niringiye

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