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Concepts of the Operating Framework

to the stories, thoughts, insights and dreams of those with whom you are interacting.
through the practice of cultural humility. Seek opportunities to engage as a learner with an open mind. Listening well reveals knowledge gaps and opportunities for learning and growth.
by helping with partner identified immediate needs. Show that you care. As understanding, listening, and active learning occurs relationships become increasingly reciprocal. Serving to achieve mutually identified goals strengthens collaborative efforts.
solutions once identified. This is most effective when undertaken with an understanding of context, cultural knowledge, and collaborative service with partners. Solutions are best when they are shared with the community and sustainable within the community.
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We’re non-profit and entirely focused on helping nurses obtain the education and the support they need to make a difference in developing nations worldwide.

We connect colleges and institutions with experts who can take their nursing programs to the next level. We help establish new nursing programs where they’re needed most. And we eliminate the barriers that stand between students and education.

Our Motive: Love God Love People


Using our innovative curriculum and hybrid model of education, we work with existing learning institutions by providing needed courses for their nursing programs, and we work with strategic partners to implement new nursing programs. We empower nurses to become Change Agents in their communities by:

  • Providing excellent healthcare education
  • Teaching nurses how to effect transformational community development
  • Connecting nurses with the resources necessary for continued personal and professional growth
  • Encouraging nurses to grow in their faith
  • Partnering with nurses to help them fulfill their vision for their communities


Nurses International creates affordable, technologically savvy nursing curriculum for developing countries and empowers nurses to change their world.


Improving the health of the world one person, one nurse, one community at a time.

Our Motto: Listen Learn  Serve  Share  

If you want to make the world a better place, help make
nurse education

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