Nurses International

Clinical Alliance

With the support of Dr. Boyer’s leadership and nurse professional development expertise, a working model for the new graduate internship was developed in 2000. Two years of statewide implementation and pilot projects resulted in an evidence-based framework for a new graduate transition that was suitable for broad-based use within Vermont. Later, the model was used by multiple statewide and/or regional healthcare systems to improve their nurse and preceptor support systems.  Clinical Competency Framework (CCF) methodology and survey tools tracked retention, satisfaction, development, costs, and/or attrition data for enrolled nurses. As a result, these projects greatly expanded the evidence base upon which the current framework rests. Linkage with Nurses International magnifies project influence, while gaining access to fiscal, volunteer, and technical support systems that improve access and continuity.

From the beginning, this visionary work was built upon collaboration with colleagues from academic, regulatory, and diverse practice settings. Research projects were engaged with NCSBN, HRSA, implementing agencies and other individuals as the work expanded. Due to the advancements inherent to multi-agency use, the current CCF is applicable for new graduates, residency programs, internships, transition to new specialties, and orientation of experienced staff members. The tools include job descriptions, policy templates, and annual performance appraisal options that create a single competency framework that applies to all, across the continuum of experience and specialty practices.

"Background of a regional nurse leadership project as it achieved global influence thru a ‘share and share back’ membership venue."