Nurses International depends on the talent, the commitment, and the effort of

people like you.

Chances are, regardless of your background or your area of expertise, there’s a place for you at Nurses International. Working together, we really can make the world a better place.

For Volunteer Nursing Professionals

Send your resume or curriculum vitae along with 2 references (we prefer one academic and one professional) and copies of any relevant active licenses to

We need PhD and DNP prepared nurses to teach graduate and postgraduate courses and perform course and curriculum reviews. There are opportunities to serve as consultants, nurse’s council members, content creators, and mentors for other faculty members and so much more.

We need MSN prepared nurses to teach our undergraduate courses. We have other opportunities available such as acting as a tutor/mentor to graduate students and there are even opportunities to travel to location to train local nurses as clinical nurse instructors and work directly with students.

We need BSN prepared nurses to assist our MSN and PhD level faculty with their online classes. BSN prepared nurses can also act as nurse tutors and mentors to our undergraduate students. Depending on experience, some BSN prepared nurses can travel to location and assist faculty as they provide clinical instruction.

available volunteer positions

For Non-Medical Professionals

We offer a wide variety of courses and we specifically need classes in community development, leadership, management, public health, and the sciences. We need many different kinds of skill sets to carry out our mission.

Contact with your resume.

For Lay People

Our truly biggest need is prayer support. We are a faith-based organization, and we believe in the power of prayer. Sign up for our newsletter to get our prayer requests on a regular basis.

We’re non-profit which means we count on the support and the involvement of people like you.

Our programs are rooted in Christian faith and a strong belief that Christ intended his followers to bring holistic redemption to the suffering places in the world. Our nurses will be trained to effectively confront the physical challenges of the communities they serve while demonstrating the fullness of their faith in the relationships developed in their communities.

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