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Support clinical learning with a focus on competence, evidence, safety, and collaboration. Gain full rights to use, customize, and reproduce the Clinical Competency Framework materials through membership in the Nurses International Clinical Alliance.

The Nurses International Clinical Alliance Membership offers:

  • Preceptor Development Resources: Extensive files of Preceptor Development resources include teaching materials, instructor guides, diverse learning activities, teaching plans, PowerPoint presentations, and self-directed study modules. Faculty are currently developing web-based course materials that start with preceptor development and evolve to address the clinical educator role.
  • Preceptor textbook: Includes both pdf files for various versions of the Preceptor Textbook and access to VNIP web-linked modules with worksheets and facilitator guides.
  • Competency tools & Coaching Plans: A Core Competency Based Orientation (CBO) model that fits for all direct care providers, provides development support, and documents clinical competency expectations. The diverse, matching Coaching Plans serve most specialty services. There are over 180 coaching plans now available. The coaching plans and competency tools address acute, long term, clinic, and home care settings. Currently validated tools include target groups of RNs and LPNs, with some tools for Respiratory Therapy, Rehab professionals, medical assistants, and nurse aides.
  • Clinical Competency Framework User Manual: delivers an explanation of model concepts, how they are integrated within the CCF, a sampling of tools, and guidelines for CCF implementation.
  • Access to updated/revised tools and resources: as developed by Alliance partners and faculty, as posted on the limited access web pages or added to the resource files each year.
  • Templates for policy statements, survey tools, and job descriptions: that work synergistically with the competency tools and both the preceptor and competence development frameworks.
  • Access to Alliance faculty for professional development guidance and consulting. Access to cyber-consulting (no charge) or contracted services (additional cost) from faculty with focused education and experience in organizational renewal, human resource development, and educational leadership.
  • Individual membership options that target either preceptor or student nurse development resources: Individual memberships offered for personal use of developed tools and curriculum for specialty practice, BSN programs, preceptor, and/or student coursework.
  • Ongoing resource development: Gap analysis tools and recommendations, advanced clinical leadership topics; new and revised tools for competency assessment and clinical coaching; new tools and techniques as the framework and process evolve; and research data pertaining to transition to practice and preceptor instruction.

The Nurses International Clinical Alliance Membership allows us to focus on Collaboration and Standardization:

  • Share a common approach
  • Stop reinventing the wheel (or replicating the same work in different settings)
  • Use evidence-based methodology
  • Engage centralized evidence validation
  • Access the ‘brain trust’ offered by diverse agencies and professionals
  • Collect data related to effectiveness and benchmark against others
  • Engage all partners in improving the model
  • Provide a wide web of nurse educators and leaders that can be queried for input
  • Contribute to the evolving/improving concepts that lay the framework foundation
* 15% discount for multi-site licensing – 3 or more agencies/ locations submitting payment as single healthcare system. For more info or NPD support in using these resources, please contact Susan Boyer, Clinical Alliance Director, Nurses International at:

For information related to payments via check or money order, click this link. You may download the document and then email it to for processing.


Clinical Alliance membership provides access to

Evidence-based preceptor content
Competence development tools
Research content and Academic Resources

Evidence-based preceptor content Competence development  tools Research content