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The Academic Network

The Nurses International (NI) Academic Network is a membership venue established to ensure collaboration, sharing, and continuous development of learning materials for the nurse educator.

Academic Network membership provides access to fully developed course materials for use in the classroom and/or for online learning.  Each topic includes a syllabus, slide decks, quizzes, clinical checklists, learning resources/ readings, critical thinking activities, case studies, and pre/post-assessment tools. Each course’s objectives, content, and delivery target the new generation of NCLEX questions.  

Please see our Directors and Faculty page to view a select list of our content contributors.

The NI Academic Network uses the Core Competencies of Professional Nursing Education

The core competencies of professional nursing education are a set of knowledge, skills, and abilities that all BSN generalist nursing students must possess in order to be considered competent to practice nursing. These competencies are closely tied to the national licensing requirements for nurses. The core competencies of professional nursing education include areas such as physiology, pharmacology, pathophysiology, nutrition, management of care, communication, cultural competence, and leadership. Nursing students must demonstrate mastery of these competencies in order to earn their nursing degree and become licensed to practice.

Membership Benefits

Access to ‘delivery ready’ 
courseware and course materials

All academic materials are developed and reviewed by nursing education experts, with the assistance of experts in online education.


The Academic Network provides mentoring to new and existing educational institutions on the use and implementation of the BSN curriculum. 


Members are connected to a network of nurse educators that support health professional development in the region and beyond.

Free Informational Services

Nurses International shares newsletter articles, research outcomes, & publications with those interested in updates and emerging issues relevant to healthcare professional development.

Support Nursing Education

NI is committed to filling the critical gaps in nursing education where others can’t reach.

The Academic Network provides access to

Comprehensive Learning Materials
Experiential Learning tools
Collaborative Professional Development

Access to Resources Continuous Development and Review Global Collaboration