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We help with tough problems! Do you need to move your nursing program online? Do you need an evaluation of your curriculum? Do you need continuing education for nursing staff? Are you wondering how to start a nursing program? Teaching the next generation of nurses is important work, and we’re here to help you succeed!

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Our team has been privileged to work on consulting projects in Burundi, China, Egypt, Guatemala, Kenya, Romania, Uganda, and others. We’ve also provided consultation for government healthcare systems, NGO’s, missionaries, and non-profits. Click the button below to read our consulting stories.

Consulting Projects:

Our team has been privileged to provide consultation in Burundi, China, Egypt, Guatemala, Kenya, Romania, Uganda, and others. We work with non-profits, businesses, governments, NGO’s, and ministries to find solutions for healthcare education.

Nurses International has been invited to partner with a new hospital build in Burundi. This new hospital will need a nursing program. While we’re waiting for the hospital to be built, we’re busy creating materials for the students.

While we were in Burundi, we had the opportunity to teach basic health care practices and perform health check-ups to women participating in a training program.


A Student Nursing Handbook created for a program in Burundi. Feel free to adapt to your setting.



Projects in Burundi can be challenging, but it is exciting to see Partners Trust International (our partner) persevere through all challenges. Our partners involved the whole community to complete the dirt work for the hospital.

We can’t wait to return to Burundi. Check out this video and blog post from our friends to learn more.



Two Nurses International faculty members traveled to china to provide education to clinical nursing instructors from three nursing schools. They’ve been invited back this year. Take a look at the reports provided below.

Kathleen Capone, MSN, RN provides a faculty report:

Second Hospital of Qujing Provides a Report:

Faculty from NI and Gouna Technical Nursing Institute after a nursing conference hosted by Nurses International.

Our partners building a teaching hospital where new hires will have the opportunity to enter a nurse residency.

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