Currently, we’re focusing our nurse education efforts in

three key areas.

Rest assured, we’re always looking for new opportunities to

make a difference.

In the developing world, education is mostly about access. Access to educators. Access to resources. And access to opportunity. That’s why, at Nurses International, we’re committed to eliminating the barriers to access worldwide.

By doing so, we give nurses the chance to make a difference in their own communities – which is exactly what they’re doing.

Online education is remarkably effective and entirely free to

those who need it.

The internet has changed the rules and we’re making the most of the new educational dynamic that has been created. Now, we can have nurse educators in the United States teaching students in Africa, Asia, and anywhere else there is a need.

The programs are accredited through the institution and governing bodies of the location in which it resides. Nurses International meets or exceeds accreditation criteria in all countries in which it operates so that institutions who use our materials may be accredited or keep their existing accreditation.

Establishing new nursing programs and enhancing existing programs is a

major commitment.

Technology is a major initiative of Nurses International. So is working directly with partners who share our commitment to making nurse education available in developing nations. Together we’re opening doors for nursing students to ensure they have access to instructors and resources so they can become the nurse leaders their communities desperately need.

Nurses International chooses strategic partners based on several factors:

  • The need of the geographical area in question
  • The capacity of the partner to provide infrastructure and conduct day to day operations of a nursing program
  • The partner’s philosophy of transformational community development

Addition considerations include the partner’s relationships with the surrounding communities and with leadership at the community, regional, and national levels.

Online and in the classroom, we help nurses become

community health leaders.

In the developing world, health and well-being are obtained not only by an absence of active disease, but also through the presence of adequate food, sanitation, just work environments, shelter, safety, friendship and faith.

When we work with a strategic partner to add a new nursing program in an area where suffering is present, it then becomes the role of the nurse to build upon the community’s strengths while working to address the challenges. Nurses become change-agents within suffering communities and they make a difference in ways that go well beyond the traditional role of nurses.

Do you have an idea that could help us help the world?

We would love to hear it. If there are ways to enhance our existing programs or if there is a need we need to address, we want to know about it. As a non-profit organization, we’ve brought together some amazing people who share our commitment to making a difference and they’re continuously thinking about new and better ways to change the world. Your ideas are welcome here and always will be.

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