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The Clinical Alliance

The Nurses International Clinical Alliance is a membership program established to ensure collaboration, sharing, ongoing development, and evaluation of the Clinical Competency Framework (CCF), a clinical pathway for professional nurse orientation, development, and competency validation that serves as a national and international model for nursing professional development. The Clinical Alliance provides shared ownership of evidence-based CCF tools, while continuing the development of evidence-based resources. The tools and framework shared within the Clinical Alliance membership develops direct care providers within a nurturing, collaborative, safe, and productive clinical environment. Shared CCF resources include complete models for both preceptor and clinical competency development, as well as, access to excellent didactic resources for academic faculty.

The Clinical Competency Framework (CCF) was initially created as a statewide standardized orientation and clinical competency development and validation process for on-boarding students and new staff members and is now used across the United States of America and globally.

The CCF is a patient safety initiative delivered within a workplace culture of nurture and support. The framework includes resources, forms, instructional materials and process for competency development and validation for direct care providers in the clinical setting.

Resources include specialty specific tools for competency development and validation of capability. The CCF addresses competency assessment and validation for acute, chronic, clinic and home care settings.

The Clinical Alliance takes a ‘share and share back’ approach to nurse professional development, thus our pool of resources experiences ongoing growth and updates.

Membership Benefits


You are connected to a network of nurse educators that support health professional development in the region and beyond.

Public Policy / Advocacy

The Clinical Alliance has a global influence and all members are encouraged to join in sharing our work and teaching tools. 

Learning and networking

The Clinical Alliance plans an annual conference and quarterly webinars to provide quality education and networking for health professional development. Clinical Alliance members are encouraged to identify learning needs and contribute to the content.

Free Informational Services

Nurses International shares newsletter articles, research outcomes, & publications with those interested in updates and emerging issues relevant to healthcare professional development.

Clinical Alliance membership provides access to

Evidence-based preceptor content
Competence development tools
Research content and Academic Resources

Evidence-based preceptor content Competence development  tools Research content