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Welcome to the NI Alliance – Redefining Nursing Education and Practice

Nurses International (NI) is dedicated to revolutionizing nursing education and enhancing healthcare standards globally. Through the NI Alliance, we aim to provide accessible, high-quality content that uplifts nurses’ learning, enriches their practice, and ultimately elevates care standards within healthcare systems worldwide.

Our materials are meticulously crafted to empower nurse educators and students, enabling them to deliver superior healthcare services. 

By becoming a member of the NI Alliance, nurses can access a wealth of resources tailored to their specific needs. Whether you choose to join the Academic Alliance or the Clinical Alliance, your support fuels our mission and grants exclusive benefits, including access to downloadable materials for academic and clinical settings.

Membership Opportunities

  • The Academic Alliance:

Membership opportunities are available for nurse educators and nursing programs seeking to enhance their curriculum with our resources. You will be given access to downloadable curriculum materials that can be hosted on your own learning platform. 

For more information on membership, contact

  • The Clinical Alliance:

The Clinical Competency Framework (CCF) serves as a national and international model for nursing professional development, facilitating orientation, development, and validation of competencies for nurses. Members of the NI Clinical Alliance have access to evidence-based CCF tools and resources, contributing to the ongoing refinement and expansion of the framework. 

To join the NI Clinical Alliance and access resources for your institution, contact

Free Offerings of the Alliance:

  • Free Resources for Nurse Educators and Students:

Our free online courses cater to nursing students, fostering their growth through comprehensive learning modules. These can be accessed through the Online Courses tab.

  • Academic Alliance:

For nurse educators, we provide invaluable tools such as the Nurse Educator’s Compendium, Curriculum Guides, and Administrative Policies, tailored for both academic and clinical settings. These can be accessed through the Free Resources tab.

  • Clinical Alliance: 

Clinical nurse educators benefit from adaptable Policies and Procedures for Patient Care Standardization and an EKG Guide. These can be accessed through the Free Resources tab.

Help us in redefining nursing education and practice for a brighter future in healthcare. Join the NI Alliance today.

The NI Clinical Alliance membership provides access to

Evidence-based preceptor content
Competence development tools
Research content and Academic Resources

Evidence-based preceptor content Competence development  tools Research content