Hilda grew up in Egypt. She moved to the USA and sold real estate. Then she felt the call to give back. She became a licensed practical nurse. She cares for patients and is also a wife and mom.

When she heard about Nurses International, she wanted to give back to her home country. She asked us if NI was doing any projects in Egypt, and we said yes. She volunteered right away to travel with us a translator.

Not only did Hilda translate for the team, but she provided invaluable information on nursing as a profession and helped us understand things that would have been nearly impossible without her help.

After she returned to the USA, she enrolled in a BSN program and plans to get her MSN, so that she can teach nursing. We’re so thankful for Hilda and her help with the NI Team in Egypt.

Hilda, thanks for all you do! We’re cheering you on!

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