Hannah Gubitz MSN, RN, PhD(C), CRC: Fluid and Electrolytes

I grew up thinking I knew and understood the connection, joy, and life-changing nature of nursing and education. I had seen nurses love on and encourage my family. I had seen educators support and encourage my siblings and my friends. Then, seven years ago, when I started nursing school, I learned the power of nursing educators. They sit with, support, challenge, and embrace the students who will shape healthcare and save lives. They changed my life and helped shape me into the nurse that I am today, with passion for both nursing and teaching.

While I currently teach clinical rotations for community health and mental health in a BSN program, finding Nurses International was very powerful for me. Working with NI has allowed me to practice nursing and education in a way that teaching face-to-face doesn’t. Not only do I get to invest in my local students, I get to encourage and invest in students around the world who will change global healthcare for the better. This work has also been incredibly humbling. I’ve gotten to dig back into my chemistry background and look at nursing through an outside lens again. I’ve had to rethink how I digest and present information to make sure it’s accessible and understandable. Working with NI has made me a better educator and a better nurse. I may not have the money, resources, or time to travel the world providing education, but I get to help an incredible group of nurses doing amazing work around the world, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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