Empowering Global Nursing: A Conversation with Kathleen Capone of Nurses International

The world of nursing is expansive and constantly evolving. Amidst its intricate landscape, organizations like ours, Nurses International (NI), are making significant strides toward global health equity. Recently, we had the privilege to chat with Kathleen Capone, the Academic Network Director and Spiritual Care Coordinator at Nurses International. Here’s what she shared about her role, NI’s current projects, and the vision of NI.

Kathleen’s Role at Nurses International:

At the heart of NI, Kathleen oversees the development of the NI BSN open-access online curriculum. She plays a pivotal role in orienting new faculty, ensuring professional growth, leading course creation teams, and liaising with various educational establishments globally. Additionally, she brings NI’s groundbreaking work to stakeholders’ attention.

As the Spiritual Care Coordinator, Kathleen brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role. She has participated in mission trips to Guatemala with her church, assisting in the construction of an orphanage. Together with her husband, Kathleen has led Bible studies at their church and has been leading a study for seniors at a senior housing facility in their town for the past decade. Her commitment to spiritual care extends to her membership in the local Nurses Honor Guard, where she ministers to families during times of loss. Kathleen’s support for faculty through encouragement and prayer further exemplifies her holistic approach to nursing education.

Nurses International’s Current Endeavors:

At present, NI is ambitiously working on completing an online open-access BSN curriculum. The roster includes courses in Maternity, Pediatrics, Mental Health, and more. Our goal is to roll out courses in Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Leadership/Management, and Community Health by 2025. Moreover, we’re enhancing our outreach by showcasing our unique learning models at national conferences and promoting cultural competency.

The Heart Behind NI’s Mission:

The driving force behind our projects is simple yet profound: promoting global equity in nursing education. By offering cost-free resources, we aim to revolutionize the oftentimes restrictive and expensive realm of nursing education.

Our efforts are anticipated to advance the Global Goals of Health and Well-being, aligning with the United Nations sustainability objectives for 2030.

Aligning with Nurses International’s Values:

Rooted in the Christian faith, we aspire to bring holistic healing. Through our curriculum and groundbreaking education model, we empower nurses to be change agents, impacting global health communities.

Like any organization, we face our share of challenges. A significant one is the retention of our volunteer faculty team. The logistical dynamics of synchronizing volunteers, providing necessary training, and sourcing funds for more teaching opportunities are other roadblocks.

With our courses currently being used in over 140 countries, feedback is a vital success metric for NI. The BSN curriculum’s completion and subsequent dissemination will further offer insights into our performance and impact on global education efforts in nursing.


Catering to Global Needs:

Every piece of content from NI is created with a worldwide audience in mind. Our organization benefits from a faculty rich in diversity, ensuring our materials are globally relevant.

Our primary objective for the upcoming year revolves around completing our online BSN curriculum. We remain dedicated to recruiting passionate faculty keen on uplifting global nursing education. Sustainability at NI is secured through a combination of strategies. From fostering stakeholder engagement, long-term planning, to remaining adaptable to nursing trends, we leave no stone unturned. An essential aspect is our continuous faculty development, bolstered by our partnership with NextGenU.


Nurses International is truly a beacon of hope in the world of nursing education. Under the guidance of visionaries like Kathleen Capone, we’re setting a precedent for how nursing can be made accessible, relevant, and global. Whether you’re an aspiring nurse or just someone interested in global health, organizations like Nurses International provide a ray of hope and demonstrate the power of community-driven initiatives.

Seema Persaud


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