Nursing Education in Taiwan: Nurses International Faculty Member Trains Nurse Educators in Taiwan

Jean Lovell, a faculty member at Nurses International (NI), was invited to provide professional development to nursing educators at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, in December of 2023. Jean, originally from Hong Kong,  received her nursing degree in the United States over thirty years ago and specializes in perioperative nursing.

Jean, a polyglot (Cantonese, Mandarin, and English), has been an international speaker since 2004 and has lectured in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. During her trip to Taiwan, Jean spoke to nurse educators, managers, and leaders about nurse educator skills and presented in Mandarin.


Nurses in Tawain have educational requirements similar to those in the United States.  Their professional degrees include the diploma program, BSN, and MSN. Regarding culture and learning styles, Jean explains that Taiwanese students respect their teachers, hold them in high regard, and need extra encouragement to ask questions.

The healthcare system is socialized and well-established but is overloaded with a patient ratio of seven to ten patients per nurse. The hospitals do not have patient care assistants or technicians and they rely on family to help with the patient’s needs. Jean shared that the day-to-day activities of the Taiwanese people are similar to those in Hong Kong. They enjoy eating out, and good food is easily accessible and affordable. Football (called soccer in the US) is the most popular sport, along with baseball, basketball, tennis, and golf. 

Following her presentation, Jean had the opportunity to introduce the nursing audience to Nurses International’s work. She has been invited to return to Taiwan next year to share how their educators may integrate some of NI’s educational interventions to develop critical thinking into their practice. Jean’s love for global education is taking her to China this Spring, where she will again provide professional development to nurse educators and managers. Nurses International is thrilled to support Jean’s work and grateful to have her as part of our volunteer faculty! Thank you, Jean, for the difference you are making in the lives of nurse educators and nursing students in Asia. 

Jean Lovell


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